FAFSA/TASFA Professional Development

Mentor Tipsheet

This resource can be given to any mentor/coach/teacher/parent in a student’s life to give them answers to FAQ about FAFSA.

Student Ambassador Toolkit

Resources to develop a student ambassador team for promoting financial aid completion.

2017 Dallas County Completion Rates

Week-by-week FAFSA Completion rates by campus, district, and county.

Way to Pay

Ready to use social media posts, morning announcements, and more to talk about the financial aid process.

GenTX Community Planning Guide

Ideas for putting together financial aid events for GenTX month in November.

How To Guide for Students and Parents

Comprehensive guide from FAFSA submission through verification and comparing award letters.

Department of Education Financial Aid Toolkit

Provides federal student aid information and outreach tools for counselors, college access professionals, nonprofit mentors, and others.

College Board Explaining Financial Aid Process Guide

Resources for counselors/mentors for how to explain financial aid to students and their families.

National College Access FAFSA Resources

Provides resources and tips to help students, parents and counselors navigate the Early FAFSA and Prior-Prior Year changes.

FAFSA Guides and Promotional Material

Resources for advisors to learn more about FAFSA and promote on your campuses.

Free College Advising Texting

Free texting tool for HS juniors, seniors, and college students on all things college access.

Resources from Other Communities

Florida FAFSA Challenge Toolkit

Resources and ideas for increasing FAFSA completion rates (from Florida CAN)

RGV Focus Toolkits for DREAMers and Early FAFSA/TASFA

Resources on how to counsel undocumented students through the college application and financial aid processes.

E3 Alliance Advising Undocumented Students Guide

Austin College Access Network’s guide for advising undocumented students through the college process.

FAFSA/TASFA Training Videos

Divided into nine chapters, this training from 2014 covers financial aid basics, unique scenarios and how to help students.

AIE Paying for College Resources

Resources for exploring college costs and helping students pay for their degree or certificate.

Planning a FAFSA/TASFA Workshop

  • Planning Guide
    Detailed information on what a site lead needs to know to successfully plan a community-wide financial aid workshop.
  • Master Planning Checklist
    Month-by-month task list of what needs to be accomplished to hold a community-wide financial aid workshop in February.
  • Sample Parent Letters
    Download a sample letter to share with parents and families in early December and late January explaining the financial aid award process.
  • FAFSA/TASFA Qualifications
    Small chart to print and tape to sign in table to allow families to determine which form they need to complete.
  • Sample Sign-Out Sheet