R. Gabrielle McCormick

Last week we focused on making sure you have the right frequency. If you missed it, you can read about it here: http://commit2dallas.org/tuition-tuesday-frequency-part-1/. It’ll set the groundwork for this week’s Tuition Tuesday, so please make sure you’ve read it.

Today, I want to focus on showing you how to tune into your committee to make sure you’re telling the RIGHT story. Why is this important? Oftentimes students tell the story they want to tell, instead of the story the committee wants to hear. You have to align your story with the committee’s mission. In order to make sure you’re doing that, here are two “ninja tactics” that I teach my students:

  1. Level 1 Research: See what keywords the organization or committee is using when describing the scholarship. Use a few of those words or make sure that your scholarship essay’s theme captures their message.
  2. Level 2 Research: Try to locate past winners or examine winning entries. You’ll be able to see a common thread from year to year. If they list all entries, see what the winners did differently. Did they use keywords? Were they descriptive? Was it organized? (These are just a few questions you can ask, but I want you dig deeper).
    By doing these two small things, you’re going to automatically increase your scholarship chances because you’re tuned in.
    Continue working on your frequency with these scholarships:

    1. Textbooks for a Year Scholarship Essay Contest: This scholarship is designed to give students the opportunity to win enough money to buy their textbooks for the entire year!
      Awards: $250-$1,250
      Deadline: May 30th
    2. Scholarship Essay Contest for Rural Students: Tell a story regarding how internet access has helped you or someone you know, develop as a young person growing up in a rural community.
      Awards: $500
      Deadline: May 31st
    3. Yellow Pages United Mark Smith Scholarship: Submit an original infographic that shows how marketing has changed from your parents’ generation to yours.
      Award: $2,500
      Deadline: May 31st
    4. IssueTrack Help Desk Software Scholarship: Share your input regarding the potential application of help desk software in the future.
      Award: $1,000
      Deadline: May 31st
    5. If you have questions about your frequency, let us know. Happy Tuition Tuesday!