College Access & Success Friends –
You are progressing quickly to your FAFSA goals! Thank you all so much for the effort you have put in this far and keep up the good work!
As of December 2, week ten in the 2017/18 cycle, 7,650 (28%) Dallas County seniors have completed their FAFSA. For comparison, in week ten last year only 6,265 (23%) seniors had completed their applications. Our collective goal is for 48% of Dallas County seniors to complete the FAFSA by July 1, 2017. Don’t forget we have a brief webinar on how to read/get the most out of the reports: click here
Attached is the Dec 2 report and summary presentation. If you have not sent us your updated senior countsplease have your district representative send those as soon as you can so we can have accurate data.
Shout Outs
  • Nearly all districts have more completions in week ten this year than you did in week ten for last year. Don’t lose momentum!
  • DeSoto ISD and Uplift Education have the highest year over year increase in their completion rates!
  • 19 Campuses had at least a 5% point increase in FAFSA completions from 11/25 to 12/2. See attached presentation for list. If this is you, keep track of what you did to achieve your results!
  • At 38 campuses, at least a third of seniors have completed their FAFSA application. See attached presentation for list. Again if this is you, keep track of what you did to achieve your results!
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